At Wonderland Kennels, we have set very high standards in order to maintain and produce the best canines possible.  First, I must point out that our dogs are our beloved pets first, our business partners second.  Their happiness and health are our top priorities.   Wonderland dogs lead full lives with daily attention, exercise, and lots of love.
     Our German Shepherds and Boston Terriers have excellent temperaments and a high level of intelligence, not to mention that they are beautiful examples of their breeds.  Our dogs are registered with the AKC, are raised alongside my children, and go on lots of car rides and family outings with us.
     Since we believe that basic obedience is just as necessary to the development of our pampered pooches as food and water, our Wonderland dogs learn their basic commands at an early age.  We are continuing their training in a variety of fields, and would like to get involved in Therapy work and Search and Rescue very soon.  Watch for us in the Conformation ring, Schutzhund trials, Obedience competition, and on the Agility course!
   We believe that breeding is a life-long commitment that does not end when someone purchases one of our puppies.  We are more than happy to have our customers phone us at any time with questions or for advice.  We also follow up all placements with either phone calls or written correspondence.
Our  Standards
Our Commitment
Welcome to Wonderland Kennels of Dixon, Kentucky, home of the best Boston Terriers and German Shepherd Dogs you could ever hope to meet!
Tina & Barry
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Happy New Year!!
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